When protection matters, our leak proof Hercules system is here to block UV rays, heat, hail, and anything else nature throws at it. 

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The Hercules Systems comes with the sheets AND accessories to install the kit on your pergola. The multiwall polycarbonate sheets are UV protected on one side and quadruple layered, so you can enjoy lower temperatures while your stuff is protected from elements. The system has a standing seam design and is guaranteed not to leak at the seams.
Thickness 8mm
Width 23-5/8"
Length 12', 16', 24', and 28' (custom lengths available)
Our systems come in three standard colors: ice white, bronze, and clear. We can also provide custom colors upon request. The primary deciding factor for most customers, aside from visual preference, is the amount of light transmission. The lower the light transmission, the lower the temperatures are underneath.
Light Transmission: Clear - 69% / Bronze - 32% / Ice White - 22%
We have three different installation categories, and no matter where you fit, we are here to help.
You don't have a contractor, but would like professional installation. We have in-house install teams and Cover Your Pergola certified contractors around the country. When you fill out your quote request, select "Need an installer".
You already have a contractor and want them to install the material. Select the "Already have a contractor" when you fill out your quote request. If your contractor has never installed the material, we will happily reach out to them and advise on best install practices and potential mistakes.
DIY. A handy person could easily install our covers. Check out our install instruction page for videos and downloadable pdfs.
Wind Durability. The Hercules System is rated for winds up to 125mph (category 3 hurricane), so we recommend it to any customers building along the coast or in hurricane prone areas.
Hail Resistance. The sheets are guaranteed for hail up to ¾” in diameter penetrating even a single layer. Anything larger than that should be covered by your home owners insurance
Snow Loads. The sheets are designed to handle up to 40psf on a structure with the optimal slope and correct rafter spacing. On average, dry, fluffy snow weighs about 4psf, and wet snow can weigh up to 13psf. Most houses can handle up to 20psf, so our material will likely hold up longer than the structure it covers.
The Hercules System has our most inclusive 10 year warranty. It guarantees the sheets will not leak at the seams, turn yellow, or become brittle. Check out the full warranty here.